Artist in class room.

last week we had a artist in are class her name was Anne she owns her own  studio in Toronto and puts on plays with people in diffrent places. She came in to are class and she made full head maskes with us it was fun. lastyear in grade 6 i had her in my class and we only made half maskes it was still kinda fun but i like the full ones better but i still had fun making the other ones lastyear too.Ihave only had her in my class lastyear and this year. if she comes back next year i ould like to do something fun like this again. i hope she comes back again because i had lost of fun doing art with her.

Finish my story…

Once upon a time there was a little boy walking around at night he was  going home from his friends house. It was really dark out and there wasn’t many houses on the road. He was walking down a road. He was a brave boy and he was about a block away from his house when he heard something in the bushes. When he looked he saw a …..


If I could learn anything ….

If I could learn anything it would be driveing a boat by myself. First i would have to go and get my boating licence, also find someone to get instructions from””matt””? Next i would by a boat then i would bye a motor, and then put gas in my boat thwen fix it up so its really nice, like my friend matt”s boat .. then i would go boating with him and we could go fishing for big fish!!

My 10 places i would like to go.

>I would like to go to china to learn a new langue.
I would also like to go to Asia because it a big place and i could meet new people.
Also i would like to go to France because i think it would be a cool place to go to.
I would also like to go to Itialy because i could learn to speak some of the words they say and try new food.
I would also like to go to Mexico because that is where Isaac’s family lives so he could show me places.
Anouther place i would like to go to is Iceland so i could go fishing.
I would like to go to Ireland to see if i could find a leprochan.
I would like to go to Egypt to see the pyramids.
I would like to go to India to try indiancuishine.
Also i would like to go to Spain to see the running of the bulls.

My favourite cartoon charters

My favourite cartoon charter is mr krabs because i like sponge bob squarepants the show.Ialso like him because he loves it when he gets money and i also like it when i get money to. The next reason i like him is because he own the krusty krab and i think it would be cool to own it. Also i like him because he acts funny sometimes so then that makes the show way better or else it would be boring.